When you are selling your home and a home inspection has been scheduled, your preparation for a home inspection can help the process go smoothly, which may save you time and money.  Keep in mind that home inspectors are not required to move items to access and area, nor will they disassemble walls and concealments to access a component for inspection. Your realtor can often provide additional guidance specific to the features of your home.  Here are some important tips from Grey Dog Home Inspections, LLC:

  • Make sure all utilities (gas, electric, water) are turned on and the bill payment is current to avoid unexpected shutoffs.
  • Make sure the inspector can fully access all major appliances like HVAC systems (inside and outside), water heaters, electrical panels, GFCI receptacles, and sumps
  • Provide keys for locked areas such as sheds and crawl spaces
  • Provide the location of hidden appliances such has HVAC units and water heaters
  • Provide the location of the shut off valves for the main water and hose faucets
  • Provide the location for the well head if applicable
  • Make sure the attic can be accessed from the floor below, and that items stored in the attic do not prevent the inspector from fully accessing the attic area
  • Make sure the garage walls and doors are accessible, to include access to electric receptacles
  • Make sure the areas under sinks are accessible and the sinks, tubs, and showers are clear of household items
  • Note the location of exterior lighting switches and their function
  • Replace burned out light bulbs, including those in appliances like microwave ovens and ranges
  • Empty the washing machine, and clothes dryer (if they convey in the transaction)
  • Make a “cheat sheet” for the home inspector with this pertinent information

Remember, your preparation for a home inspection can help you!

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